One of the greatest things about our wedding is that we started dancing. And we continue after the wedding. It is amazing I went beyond my trauma.

When I was 10, we had this dancing course and contest afterwards. My partner Michal G. was showing everybody that he was too cool for dancing and we got the last place in this contest. Failure makes you stronger, but in case of a 10-year old girl, it made me traumatized. Ever since I wanted to dance, I couldn’t till I was 18 and then I did it but only after 3 beers or 2 shots of vodka…;)

End of January 2016 Eryk said: we have 3 months until the wedding, we need to get individual classes. I was so unhappy about the idea. First two lessons (or maybe twenty-two 😉 ), I was so blocked and stressed. But then…

It has been now almost 2 years now and we absolutely love it.

We started with Vienna Waltz for the wedding (of course with some other figures etc.)  and we continued with some Cha-Cha, English Waltz, Jive, Disco Swing… More to come.

Since a few months already (time flies!) we started Argentinian Tango. And we adore it. We struggled in the beginning but we love attending it mostly because of the patience and smile of our teacher Francois and Juanita. We also love it because of people who attend it, we all make mistakes but we never give up and enjoy dancing.

I have to finish now as we have our lesson in 1 hour and I need to prepare my dress but please check our First Dance in April 2016. More videos from Tango will come once we are the best 😉




Dzien Mamuta i Pieknej Mamy

Wlasnie rozmawialam z moja Mamusia i zdecydowalam sie napisac post po polsku. Dla niej i dla “Pieknej Mamy”. Francuski jest bardzo poetyckim jezykiem. Wiec zamiast “tesciowa”, “swiekra” czy nawet angielskie “Mama w prawie”, Francuzi nazywaja tesciowa “Belle Mere” czyli “Piekna Mama”. Ladne to to, zwlaszcza, ze jest tyle kawalow o tesciowej, no a czasem jakies male spiecia miedzy synowa a tesciowa, wiec Francuzi wybrneli ladnie z tego 🙂 A ja za to nazywam moja Mame – Mamut. Jak bylam mala, to tak ja nazywalam i tak zostalo. Wyobrazcie sobie miny ludzi jak idziemy na plac albo w galerii, a ja szukam mojej Mamy i wolam na caly glos “Mamuuuut, gdzie jestes?” 🙂

Obydwie Mamy dostana od nas  na Dzien Mamy male upominki, ktore przyjada kurierem za 2-3 dni. Mam nadzieje, ze sie spodobaja. A takto chcialam jeszcze raz napisac, jakimi szczesciarzami jestesmy, majac tak wspaniale Mamy. Dziekujemy raz jeszcze za przekazanie nam wszystkich wartosci, nauczenie co to jest milosc, przyjazn, zaufanie. Zyczymy drogim Mamusiom glownie zdrowia, usmiechu no i… wnukow 🙂

A ponizej 2 zdjecia naszych Mam z wesela, pokazujace ich cieplo i milosc a takze link do filmu z wesela, gdzie wszyscy: Para Mloda i wszyscy rodzice tanczymy w kolku, jako jedna rodzina.

Film z wesela – rodzice i dzieci razem


A few weeks ago, one of my colleagues asked me what happened to my dresses. Not expecting this kind of question and thinking that maybe she doesn’t like my style, I made big eyes and asked what she meant. She said that the whole second floor of the bank where we work is asking her why my dresses are becoming shorter and shorter.

I have never measured the length of my dresses. I have never worn an “armband” on my legs instead of skirts, but I have also not followed the rule I knew from Poland: the business dress code says that the length of dress at work should be minimum till knees.

I have never thought that women would check my… back and gossip about it instead of thinking about… I don’t know maybe back of their male colleagues 🙂 I said it to another colleague and then I learnt a nice German expression. She said “Sch…s auf es” which means in o.k. but not the nicest words “Don’t think of what they say” 🙂

I followed this example and for me it is now “Sch…s egal” 😉 (another expression learnt by the first colleague who told me about dress gossips 🙂 ). Just look at the dress below and tell me if it is really that short? I chose a very summery photo from Ibiza, as I need summer holiday so badly…

Anyway, “je m’en f…” (how I used to say on the other side of Switzerland 🙂 ) of what you say about the length of this dress 🙂



La chasse à la française

Mon premier post en français. Ma copine Marlene m’a demandé comment je fais pour écrire regulièrement sur mon blog. Maintenant je le fais dans le train. Parfois je fais une pause entre toutes les escalations au boulot. Parfois sous le douche 😉

Croisez les doigts svp. La France me déteste depuis le 9 Avril 2015, quand je l’ai quittée. Peut-être elle se sent abandonnée, j’en sais rien. Mais en premier, c’était l’assurance qui a prélévé 3000 euros au lieu de 200. Après 20 appels et 7 lettres, ils ont dit j’avait eu raison. Maintenant c’est les taxes. J’ai tout payé et ils veulent encore quelque chose.

Ma douce France, j’adore ta langue, ta cuisine, ta culture. Ne détruit pas notre amitié sur laquelle nous avons travaillé tellement longtemps. Chaque fois je vois une lettre comme celle ci-dessus, je tremble. Nous avons pas besoin de stress comme celui-ci….



From the recruiter’s diary – photos

One of my multiple projects is to be a career advisor. I have been working in the recruitment for 5 years and I have seen many gems in resumes, applications etc. I decided to describe some of them. Not to laugh at people, it is not my purpose. It is just as a cautionary note for all those who are struggling in this tough world of business.

To start with, something trivial. Photos in CV or on LinkedIn. Who would have thought it can cause any problem. Most of us dress nicely, go to the professional photographer (or at least use a professional camera on a neutral background), take the photo and put it in our application.

Most of us… But some put the photos with their horses. Yes you read it properly. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against these beautiful, intelligent animals and I admire people who know how to ride a horse. But a photo with a horse in your CV? Seriously, I can only regret I didn’t take a photo of this CV as nobody believes me.

Among other gems of contemporary photography, I found some photos in casual clothes, very casual, party-style clothes, very provocative clothes (although I can understand the purpose there 🙂 ), a photo of a guy with his boat (he didn’t apply for a job in navy) and many more.

So what about… not putting any photo in your CV if you’re not sure which one to choose? 🙂



Today the sun is shining in Zurich (Alleluja! Does not happen too often).

I’m a very lucky person. And happy. Let’s just remember those, who have some family or health problems and send them happy thoughts. I hope it will all be fine. No. I do believe it will be fine. No other option.



Dzisiaj po raz pierwszy z komórki i po raz pierwszy po polsku. Pogoda w Zuri nie nastraja optymistycznie. W perspektywie brak wyjazdów do słonecznej Italii (w przeciwieństwie do opinii niektórych, w Szwajcarii nie zbieramy franków z drzew, a “haery” w bankach nie zarabiaja tyle, co Wolf from the Wall Street 😉 ) a wczoraj rozmawiałam przez telefon z Mamą i Siostrą.

Uwielbiam Szwajcarię. Uwielbiam ich wielojęzyczność, narty, jeziora, krówki, owce, sery, spokój i wygodę. Jest łatwiej, nie będę oszukiwać. Pod względem kasy, pracy, pociągów i wielu innych. Jest też cholernie trudno. Kiedy wiesz, że po raz dziesiąty nie zobaczysz Mamy na 26 maja, że nie sprawdzisz czy kawały o Teściowej są prawdziwe, bo swoją widzisz tak rzadko, że nie ma czasu na sprzeczki czy koszula, którą kupiłam Erykowi jest ładniejsza. Kiedy słyszysz smutny głos Siostry w słuchawce i nie wsiądziesz do tramwaju, żeby za 15 minut dojechać na Kazimierz i ją okrzyczeć żeby nie smutała. Kiedy w końcu będą wnuki i nie podrzucisz ich Babciom na weekend.

Nie piszę więcej, siedzę w pracy więc oczy nie mogą mi sie pocić. Lubię Zurich. Ma bezpośrednie loty do Krakowa. Do zobaczenia Nasza Kochana Rodzinko i Przyjaciele za jakiś czas :*



For now I am a fertile blogger. I don’t think it will last forever as I know I can be very lazy but… Let’s not say it loud, just keep on reading. At some point I will start posting only once a week or every 2 weeks.

Anyway, back to the point… I am very proud of myself. I stated it many times, if not here than to my close friends, this year is full of positive decisions. On May 11th I subscribed to fitness… I was ill from May 12th so could not attend but… Today is May 18th and just had my first hour. I won’t say more as I don’t want to jinx it but… I am very motivated to carry on. Let’s see in 1 month what my progress is…


1 month and 1 day after April 16, 2016

One day after our 1 month together as a married couple… Time to sum up:

– We had an amazing wedding – many people who we love could come and thank you everybody for finding time and flights to do it.
– We had an amazing wedding night… Nooooo, wait a minute. All these fairy tales about THE night are a load of rubbish… We finished the party at 4:30 am so yes… we had a great sleep 🙂
– We had an amazing come back to Zurich: so many people congratulated us, started naming me Frau Schiller, started talking to me finally in German (as if with the German family name I magically transferred to somebody who doesn’t make any mistakes in this language 🙂 ), getting presents, cards…
– We had 2 amazing trips, all thanks to Moni B. One to Zugerberg with ran away from cows (I will post another note about it) and great views. Second one to Rigi which I will not describe here as I want to show this place to my sis, who is my biggest follower on this blog 🙂
– We had an amazing long weekend in Genova – a city which is not appreciated as it is on the way to Milan, Cinque Terra etc. But… such a great place: an interesting museum of ships and navigation (yes you read it correctly. We are not big fans of museums but this one was very interesting and we took many photos), visiting a real submarine and the biggest aquarium in Europe (with seals, sharks, dolphins, turtles, fish. We even found Nemo and his folks. A great place to visit, also with kids – which we are planning to do as soon as we have them 🙂 )
– 1 day after our first month as Mr. and Mrs. Schiller it all continues… I got officially promoted at work to a Staffing Specialist in IT and Non IT.

In 3 words: an awesome month together. We hope it continues like that. Some photos from the trip to Italy below 🙂


Eryk in the submarine

kasia i meduza

Kasia and jellyfish


Continuing my “lucky” week after having allergy to avocado, I got sick. Nothing serious, just huge headaches and sore throat. Of course all of my dear colleagues thought I’m pregnant. It would not be bad, we are planning to have a bigger family soon – I hope my manager is not reading it. But luckily for my company and unluckily especially for the future grand moms, I am not. It all happened on Thursday, 1 day before long weekend in Zurich (Monday is off, that is why I have time writing the post now, on Monday 🙂 )

I made home office on Friday, organizing conf calls and looking for perfect candidates. My sweet, becoming more and more romantic husband (it will start worrying me soon, he was never like this before, what did he do so now he is so cute?!), kidnapped me on Friday afternoon to Italy, saying some fresh sea air would help. And it did, already on Saturday afternoon I felt super well.

But my luck could not last forever. When it starts with some health issues, it goes in twins, triples of even quadruples for me. We visited Genoa on Saturday and headed to Cinque Terra on Sunday. It was a lovely day with lots of food, lemon caipirinha, lots of souvenirs and of course sight seeing (mostly sea-seeing 🙂 ) We were too lazy to find a sandy beach and we put out tired, couch potatoes on rocks. As the water was not super cold, I tried to swim little bit. But of course there were lots of waves that threw me from one side to another. I was strong and stuck to one rock but… not strong enough as when I jumped out of the water, I felt a big pain in my toe. I bruised my middle toe without noticing it. Another lesson – when the signs says: “Rock shore, big waves, pay attention”, again: listen to the signs.