Most people who have allergies, stay away from food they are allergic to. Last Tuesday I bought myself a nice salad with avocado. Yes I do have allergy to avocado. And yes I did buy it anyway. Why did I do it? No idea, maybe I thought that small pieces will be ok. And they are ok if I drink 2 shots of vodka afterwards. But I was at work and could not have any shots.

What happened next is easy do predict. My stomach was as squeezed as wet clothes that you are squeezing to dry them… Headaches, red face, nausea. My dear colleagues accompanied me to the doctor who was in the same building. Doctors are not cheap in this country… As I am writing this post now, I survived. Unless I didn’t, they just don’t tell me I am a ghost 🙂

If you have food allergies, please do not follow my example.

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