Continuing my “lucky” week after having allergy to avocado, I got sick. Nothing serious, just huge headaches and sore throat. Of course all of my dear colleagues thought I’m pregnant. It would not be bad, we are planning to have a bigger family soon – I hope my manager is not reading it. But luckily for my company and unluckily especially for the future grand moms, I am not. It all happened on Thursday, 1 day before long weekend in Zurich (Monday is off, that is why I have time writing the post now, on Monday 🙂 )

I made home office on Friday, organizing conf calls and looking for perfect candidates. My sweet, becoming more and more romantic husband (it will start worrying me soon, he was never like this before, what did he do so now he is so cute?!), kidnapped me on Friday afternoon to Italy, saying some fresh sea air would help. And it did, already on Saturday afternoon I felt super well.

But my luck could not last forever. When it starts with some health issues, it goes in twins, triples of even quadruples for me. We visited Genoa on Saturday and headed to Cinque Terra on Sunday. It was a lovely day with lots of food, lemon caipirinha, lots of souvenirs and of course sight seeing (mostly sea-seeing 🙂 ) We were too lazy to find a sandy beach and we put out tired, couch potatoes on rocks. As the water was not super cold, I tried to swim little bit. But of course there were lots of waves that threw me from one side to another. I was strong and stuck to one rock but… not strong enough as when I jumped out of the water, I felt a big pain in my toe. I bruised my middle toe without noticing it. Another lesson – when the signs says: “Rock shore, big waves, pay attention”, again: listen to the signs.

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