1 month and 1 day after April 16, 2016

One day after our 1 month together as a married couple… Time to sum up:

– We had an amazing wedding – many people who we love could come and thank you everybody for finding time and flights to do it.
– We had an amazing wedding night… Nooooo, wait a minute. All these fairy tales about THE night are a load of rubbish… We finished the party at 4:30 am so yes… we had a great sleep 🙂
– We had an amazing come back to Zurich: so many people congratulated us, started naming me Frau Schiller, started talking to me finally in German (as if with the German family name I magically transferred to somebody who doesn’t make any mistakes in this language 🙂 ), getting presents, cards…
– We had 2 amazing trips, all thanks to Moni B. One to Zugerberg with ran away from cows (I will post another note about it) and great views. Second one to Rigi which I will not describe here as I want to show this place to my sis, who is my biggest follower on this blog 🙂
– We had an amazing long weekend in Genova – a city which is not appreciated as it is on the way to Milan, Cinque Terra etc. But… such a great place: an interesting museum of ships and navigation (yes you read it correctly. We are not big fans of museums but this one was very interesting and we took many photos), visiting a real submarine and the biggest aquarium in Europe (with seals, sharks, dolphins, turtles, fish. We even found Nemo and his folks. A great place to visit, also with kids – which we are planning to do as soon as we have them 🙂 )
– 1 day after our first month as Mr. and Mrs. Schiller it all continues… I got officially promoted at work to a Staffing Specialist in IT and Non IT.

In 3 words: an awesome month together. We hope it continues like that. Some photos from the trip to Italy below 🙂


Eryk in the submarine

kasia i meduza

Kasia and jellyfish

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