A few weeks ago, one of my colleagues asked me what happened to my dresses. Not expecting this kind of question and thinking that maybe she doesn’t like my style, I made big eyes and asked what she meant. She said that the whole second floor of the bank where we work is asking her why my dresses are becoming shorter and shorter.

I have never measured the length of my dresses. I have never worn an “armband” on my legs instead of skirts, but I have also not followed the rule I knew from Poland: the business dress code says that the length of dress at work should be minimum till knees.

I have never thought that women would check my… back and gossip about it instead of thinking about… I don’t know maybe back of their male colleagues 🙂 I said it to another colleague and then I learnt a nice German expression. She said “Sch…s auf es” which means in o.k. but not the nicest words “Don’t think of what they say” 🙂

I followed this example and for me it is now “Sch…s egal” 😉 (another expression learnt by the first colleague who told me about dress gossips 🙂 ). Just look at the dress below and tell me if it is really that short? I chose a very summery photo from Ibiza, as I need summer holiday so badly…

Anyway, “je m’en f…” (how I used to say on the other side of Switzerland 🙂 ) of what you say about the length of this dress 🙂



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