One of the greatest things about our wedding is that we started dancing. And we continue after the wedding. It is amazing I went beyond my trauma.

When I was 10, we had this dancing course and contest afterwards. My partner Michal G. was showing everybody that he was too cool for dancing and we got the last place in this contest. Failure makes you stronger, but in case of a 10-year old girl, it made me traumatized. Ever since I wanted to dance, I couldn’t till I was 18 and then I did it but only after 3 beers or 2 shots of vodka…;)

End of January 2016 Eryk said: we have 3 months until the wedding, we need to get individual classes. I was so unhappy about the idea. First two lessons (or maybe twenty-two 😉 ), I was so blocked and stressed. But then…

It has been now almost 2 years now and we absolutely love it.

We started with Vienna Waltz for the wedding (of course with some other figures etc.)  and we continued with some Cha-Cha, English Waltz, Jive, Disco Swing… More to come.

Since a few months already (time flies!) we started Argentinian Tango. And we adore it. We struggled in the beginning but we love attending it mostly because of the patience and smile of our teacher Francois and Juanita. We also love it because of people who attend it, we all make mistakes but we never give up and enjoy dancing.

I have to finish now as we have our lesson in 1 hour and I need to prepare my dress but please check our First Dance in April 2016. More videos from Tango will come once we are the best 😉




7 thoughts on “Dancing

  1. Wow, Kasia! You are really brave – not everybody can dance after dancing contest trauma. It is super cute that Eryk took You to dance class. ❤


  2. Congratulations to both of you!!! Looking forward to see you on a salsa festival (your next step 😉) somewhere in Europe…in Krakow there is a good one in August. Hope to see you again soon. Kisses


  3. Year, my dearest Sis, I’m really proud of u!!! And every time I think about THE dance (or see THE movie) – I cry… My little sis has bloomed 🙂 I believe those dancing classes have added to it a bit 🙂


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