Why did I start writing this blog?

I remember 1 crazy month in my first company (a language school) in Geneva. In 4 weeks we had problems with moving from Aix-les-Bains to Annemasse (the Landlady didn’t want to give us the caution back), I had chickenpox (which most of time happens to children) and I sprained my ankle.

Just to explain little bit in details, the Landlady thought we destroyed her brand new mattress (which Eryk’s Mam, who gave us the greatest support during that hard times, spotted to come from 1996 – from the label) and said she has to keep the caution which was 400 euros. It was a very big amount for us during these times… In the end, after many official letters, visits, shouts and explanations, she gave us everything back and even wished all the best for the future. I sprained my ankle during one of these unpleasant calls she gave me at 8 in the morning, as I didn’t notice a step near the Mairie of Annemasse. As for chickenpox, I have no idea where I got it from, but I went to the doctor on Sunday and she was claiming for 2 hours it couldn’t be a chickenpox as it happens only to children. It was Eryk, who guessed that this was Chickenpox and proved her wrong.

I remember one of my colleagues Christelle said during a BBQ at work that these kind of stories don’t happen to normal people and that I might be from a different planet 🙂 That is when I definitely thought I should write down all these adventures. 6 years later, here we go 😀

A few memories from old times with my first company. My good friend Andrea, with whom I will be watching a football match next Saturday in Geneva and a nice girl Aurore diguised with a beard. Below those, revisiting Aix les Bains in 2012 during Euro in Poland (the t-shirt come from Kasia K. who visited us during this period – I am mentioning it as we are very much into football nowadays 🙂 ). There is also a photo of big house in which we used to live – but we lived in a small 25m2 part (which had no windows in the room, I will explain in another post) and a photo of a park nearby.



6 hours till the opening of Euro2016 in France

It is a serious disease that the Earth is suffering from during Football Championships. I know it is bad, that the Earthlings are ignoring Rugby, Volleyball, Golf, Cricket and other nice sports. Football is a very easy game. And it changed especially since 2000 when the players became more Top Models then players and Football an Industry and not a game. Yes I know it…

Still, when there is Euro or Champions League or Mondial… I get crazy. I buy the stickers of players, read books about football (now “Fever Pitch” – I vividly recommend, not only for football fans), play Fifa all the time, buy T-Shirts of different countries, flags, balls, mini balls etc.

I already mentioned that I am a Death Angel of all teams that I am supporting. Even if I am supporting 10 out of 12 teams, there are big chances that one of the rest two will win. So I never tell who I am supporting, although the Universe knows it anyway.

But this year I am the happiest person so I can tell you that my number 1 is of course Poland, number 2 is the country where I live Switzerland and then… I like teams that are theoretically weaker but interesting e.g. Belgium or Croatia. I have big fondness for France, although I loved the team from 1998 with Zidane, Petit, Blanc or Barthez. I like our big rivals Germany with Muller or Hummels. And I would love some super surprising and less rich team to go further e.g. Iceland or Romania. So in general, I will be happy with most of results, but would be the happiest if Poland and Switzerland made it to semi finals 🙂

Now counting hours till the big opening in Paris. Let this Euro be full of Fair Play, Team Spirit, Peace and Saying “No” to Racism. And of course full of amazing goals and emotions 🙂


I put only 3 attributes related to football, as I don’t want my hubby to shout at me that I am buying useless stuff 😉 Although he is the sweetest and doesn’t shout and brings me nice things 🙂

Djoko and my love for sports and video games

2 years after my sister was born, my parents tried to have another child. They tried and tried for 3 years and then big efforts paid well as my mom was pregnant. They didn’t care about sex of the child but everybody thought it would be a boy, Kajtek.

Kajtek turned out to be Kasia 🙂 But maybe that’s why from the beginning I loved watching sports and playing video games. I had many friends who were boys but first they treated me as their mate, not a girlfruend material. Later I ended up well, I even got married. To a guy who doesn’t like sports or video games so much but still… He tries to catch up, especially during big sport events. Or giving ironic comments when I’m loosing in Fifa online 0:3 to a 10-year old 🙂

Yesterday my favorite tennis player won his first Slam in Roland Garros and made history as the 10th player who got all 4 Slams. Djoko, I’m very happy for you. I was so happy when I saw the final result, that my husband asked if I put a bet on him and won lots of money or if Djokovic is my friend who is reading this blog. Not yet but Djoko, if you see this post, please follow my blong. I will also write to you as, if you don’t ask, you don’t get, a very wise sentence that my friend Reinoud taught me 🙂

In 4 days Euro 2016 in my previous home country France. Counting days down to watch and support… Everybody as every time I support a team, it’s loosing – I’m a death angel of all teams I like.

Countimg days to other sport events, r.g Olympics in Brazil, home country of my bro in law. What a nice sport year we have.

What did I do after coming back from our trip to Ticino? Of course played on ps4 – new Uncharted 4 (brilliant!) and Fifa online – this time it was 1:1. Hey Dear Hubby, I’m making progress! 😉



Gottardo and Italian flavour of Switzerland

This weekend was one of these, when you are so exhausted that you just wanna stay in bed, especially with rainy weather of Dübi and coming back home at midnight after a delicious dinner sponsored by my company. I will tak about this and other food experience in a different post.

A friend of mine (also Kasia, they are so friendly 🙂 ), invited us to her house near Locarno. Initially we were supposed to come Friday evening, then Saturday early morning… Finally we came at 1600. The other Kasia thought we wouldn’t make but she just doesn’t know well our style of visiting which can very from relaxing-organized to very lazy. Apparently her style is very organized like my sister’s.

Well, finally we arrived to Pollaggio. We saw celebration of the opening of Gottardo tunnel – 57km lenght through which you can travel from German to Italian part in 20 mins. Of course you can also travel the other way around 😉 Polish media said the cost was as planned, which in reality means it was doubled 🙂 My friend Ewa K. (soon S. 🙂 ) gave me a brilliant idea – every time I spend more money then planned on shopping, I would say I just planned with Swiss precision 🙂 Some photos from Gottardo:

After this intense day and finally joining Kasia and Jon at 2030 in a nice Italian restaurant as well as going up to their lovely house 2.5 km with too much luggage, a new day has come… We planned a very lazy, relaxing visit of Locarno after a tasty breakfast. After running another 2.5 km to the bus stop, we were rewarded by amazing views. Then we travelled to Locarno, were we met women who we didn’t know before – Irena and Barbara. They were so noce that they invited us for ice creams and ice coffee. We will definitely stay in touch as we had lots of laughs and fun. Now we’re in train to Zurich HB, will be at home at around 1900. A few photos from Locarno:

Saluti and see you next time. We hope you, dear followers, also had a nice weekend 🙂


Schwiizertüütsch und Deutsch

Frau Sadowska von meiner Schule wäre sehr stolz auf mich… Nach 15 Jahren, endlich spreche ich Deutsch und verstehe viel von Züritüütsch! Alles dank meinen Freundinen Ewa Kula (eine wunderbare Deutsch Lehrerin) und Krysinska (beste Wiewiórka) und auch meine Kolleginen, vor allem sehr geduldig Laura K.

Deutsch war nicht eine Liebe auf ersten Blick. Das hatte ich mit British English – eine sehr schwere Liebe mit viele Emotionen, auch hassen und weinen. Das zweite Liebe hatte ich mit Französisch – auch sehr schwer, im Land wo die Franzose wollten mich viel mal zurück nach meinem Land schicken.

Deutsch ist meinen Kumpel jetzt. Mein Kamerad. Freut mich um diese Sprache zu verbessern. Als für Schwiizertüütsch, Schritt für Schritt es wird auch kommen 🙂

Guete Aabig und mein Blong gseet uus wi e gstorbeni Chatz 😉