Disappearing socks

My husband have many similar socks (grey, black or dark blue). And every time I put them into the washing machne in pairs, some of them come back as single… No idea how it works but I have many single socks. Why don’t I get rid of them, you would ask… It’s simply because I love socks… But let’s leave socks for another post. No matter how much I try – I put some colorful threads on it, I put them all into one basket… Every time there is a lundry day and Eryk helps me to hang the wet things on the dryer, I hear the same sentence “Again?! Why did you mix all of the socks and why some are not matching?”. I have no answer to this question…

P.S. This story was inspired by my husbands’ struggles every morning to find 2 matching socks as well as one of posts of my friend Agata. One time Agata mentioned on facebook, that she puts many strange things to the washing machine e.g. the lighter or car keys… Thank you Agata for another inspiration 🙂

'Well... At least we finally know where all those missing socks from the dryer went.'

‘Well… At least we finally know where all those missing socks from the dryer went.’

'In another universe parallel to our own.'

‘In another universe parallel to our own.’




Run for your life!

“Who would you save first, if you were in a burning house?” – asked my friend when we were coming back from Hen’s Party in Paris. (It was an amazing day, but let’s get back to this day another time.)

The question was a part of the “matching game”. My, then still husband to be, had to answer some questions that Kris asked him via email and then I had to answer them, bearing in mind what he would answer to see if we were matching.

My answer was very simple: “Of course I would save only myself. That is definitely what Eryk thinks”. My friends asked me to tell more details.

In 2014 we went to Sicily for holiday. It was an amazing summer time. Of course we had to see the volcano Etna. We were travelling by car, it was my old car that I got from my dad. It was a VERY old car, and the fact we were in super high temperatures and encircled by mechanics, who did not care that much and spoke only Sicilian (not Italian, Sicilian!), did not help. Something broke, our mechanic couldn’t help and even made it worse and we ended up driving by car that was boiling inside. To cool it down, we were putting on heating. Heating in more than 40 degrees made us feel like boiling eggs…

Anyway, back to the point. the car was in a very bad state. But we finally made it to the top, where you have to park the car and take the lift closer to the volcano. Eryk stopped the car and then suddenly…. we heard a BIG explosion, there was lots of white smoke… So what Kasia did in this situation? I run out like in the cartoons, just leaving lots of dust behind me, leaving  Eryk with big eyes opened. I didn’t even say a word.

So now he claims, I would never save anybody. I say it’s not true, but when I think back I remember… It is actually true. I remember once my Mum was reading some newspaper on the bed and I was playing Gameboy just next to her. There was a huge dragonfly that flew to our room. And I did it again, just run away without saying a word.

I could go on and on similar stories but… let’s face it. If there was any risk, I would run only for MY life… What an egoistic wife Eryk chose…

Below a photo from our memorable trip to Etna, which ended nicely, even if Eryk was disappointed by me running away. I must have other values as… 2 years later he decided to still say “I do”. 🙂