Exploding bottles

Do you know how you can recognize that I really need holiday? One of symptoms is that I start dropping things, forget to close door or… that I make the bottles explode.

3 days ago, I was closing my locker at work when I noticed an almost empty bottle with some lemon/ginger lemonade rest at the bottom. Before throwing it to the bin, I wanted to empty it. I started opening the bottle lid and then… it just exploded. Fortunately, it was about 5:30pm and not many people at the office, but still… Some witnessed it and consider me even crazier then they used to think. Fortunately, nobody was injured 😉

A similar story happened 2 years ago on Sicily. I dropped a bottle of Coke, which exploded and made brown spots everywhere on the ceiling and on the walls. The funniest was my conversation with our social insurance in France. Eryk scared me that the hotel might want to charge us lots of many for destroying the walls. I started crying, as I thought I would have to pay for the beverage till my retirement. Then I called my insurance to see if they cover this kind of risks. Here’s how the dialogue went:

“Hello. Can you please tell me if my insurance covers damages after an explosion of Coke?” I asked with a sad voice whilst sobbing.
“Do you need us to send a plane for your repatriation?” asked the lady on the phone.
Suddenly, I stopped sobbing and Eryk saw my big eyes.
“Yyyyy…. Repatriation??!! Why?” I asked amazed by her proposal.
“You said there was an explosion.”
“I talked about an explosion of a bottle of Coke.”
“A Coke? Oh, so why are you crying so much if there are no casualties?!”
I am sure this conversation is registered somewhere and was broadcasted in French television among the dummiest phone calls ever 🙂

By the way, the story ended well. We went to the reception (I kept on crying about thousands of euros I was supposed to pay). The receptionist called a cleaning lady – Francesca, who cleaned it very fast. She saved our money. Grazie mille Francesca 🙂

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