Ay, ay Capt’n!

As summer is over, it’s time for a quick sum up of our Honeymoon in the Caribbeans.

To start with… officially my German overtook my Spanish… Yep yep, my Spanish friends will be disappointed but my German teacher and friend Ewa should be proud of me. When communicating with the locals, I sounded like that “Si claro. Vamos von hier nach…”. After German, I need to seriously revise my Spanish 😉

Merengue, bachata and salsa are the new dances that Eryk showed me during this trip. It was super nice to dance again, we will definitely subscribe to new dance courses in Zurich soon.

Caribbean specialties include coffee, cigars and rum. We bought some of these products as a souvenir of our stay. Interestingly my husband, who has never smoked in his life even a small cigarette, got obsessed with buying many cigars. I have no idea why… He said we will invite our friends to our flat for rum and cigars and tell them stories from our Caribbean trip. OK then, please come guys, we have about 50 cigars to smoke 😉

We drove in Naples, where the guides say it’s risky and we liked it, so we decided to drive in Dominican Republic as well. Again, we survived and it was pretty cool. Although we saw some motor cyclists who drove wrong way, but you can get used to it 🙂

Isla Saona is one of the most beautiful places we have seen. As I am color blind, I won’t tell you which color is the sea, but it is definitely breathtaking 🙂

Fauna and flora of the island is amazing. I absolutely adored starfish, dolphins, parrots, toucans, monkeys, turtles and more. My favorite ones were Rhinoceros Iguanas (also called Goliath Dragons). Everybody is afraid of them, as they can measure up to 1.5 m. But these iguanas are unarmed and herbivorous so when they see you, they behave like that:

The trip to Dominican Republic was the most amazing time we’ve had. It’s very difficult to come back to reality after that. What remains us are beautiful photos and also some pirate stories that I started reading, as I became very fond of Caribbean culture. It’s getting late so I’m shovin’ off Mateys. Yo ho ho!




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