A bag of popcorn, which became an act of decency

It has been a while not writing anything. The cause might be very trivial – I become pretty lazy when it rains. I then just wanna drink hot beverages and watch movies…

Anyways, last Thursday, I was a witness of an act of big honesty. Therefore I decided to cheer up everybpdy during this non inspirational weather by writing this positive post.

6 weeks ago, I went with my friend Ewa to a restaurant in Dübendorf to celebrate her first week of a new job. Just before going there, I bought a bag of popcorn (as I was super hungry and had to eat something before the meal) and 3 packages of butter (as I wanted to bake a cake during that week). The dinner was great, we left the restaurant in a good mood. We forgot about my shopping bag…

I noticed my loss 1 day later, but as Eryk and I were leaving for a trip, I thought I would sacrifice my small shopping and leave it with nice waitresses from the restaurant.

24 days later, I came back to the same restaurant, with the same Ewa 😉 The waitress recognized me and returned my bag. I did not expected somebody remembering about my groceries and returning it to me. Dear waitresses from “Il Faro” in Dübendorf – your decency and excellent client service made my day 🙂