Burnt like a… red panda

My friends remember a story when I came to work completely red with just white prints from my skiing goggles. Not only did I not put any sun cream on my face but also… I started sunbathing without taking my goggles off.  My colleagues spent hours making jokes of me and sending me photos of red pandas to my mailbox. As funny as it was, it was also a pretty painful experience.

Do not think I learnt my lesson. I did it again this weekend. I went to Nice and as stubborn as always, I thought 30 minutes without any sun cream would not make any harm. And I was wrong. Again… And again I did not take off my sunglasses.

At least I can put a new term to English dictionary: I will replace the expression “burnt like a lobster” by “burnt like a red panda” – my new sunbathing (or sun burning) style 🙂

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