Why are Swiss car parks so small? Why?!

Remember we travelled to USA this year. Big outlets, big natural parks, big beaches, big everything. Also cars and car parks.

In Switzerland – different story. Wherever you go, whatever you do – car parks are too small for you ­čśë

Our Tiefgarage in D├╝bi is already testing your manoevring skills. But what I saw this morning when visiting a Tiefgarage for near my work place – I think even Clio drivers or Smart owners would have issues to park there. I accepted this challenge and tried to park our Volvo V40 there. It resulted with a smashed lamp of the right mirror and almost a heart attack of my husband… ­čśë

So, I am looking for:

– a new husband who tolerates scratches on brand new cars ­čśë

– an indoor car park near CS Towers in Oerlikon.

Anybody anything? Ah and please the husband needs to be super patient with my craziness. The car park has to be big enough so I don’t scratch any mirror of ours…

A tragicomedy about spooky soups cursed by Roman Polanski

A tragicomedy about spooky soups cursed by Roman Polanski


Didaskalia: Action takes place on October 2nd, 2017 during Zurich Film Festival during the premiere of┬áthe movie by Roman Polanski “D’apr├Ęs une Histoire Vraie” (“Based on a True Story”).


  • AganieszKa┬á – my wine and movie comrade, a famous blogger and jogger
  • Kasia S. – myself, a talented and ” supposedly positively crazy” linguist, recruiter and blogger
  • Vodka Wyborowa – we do not need to introduce this protagonist
  • La Bouillabaisse – an extremely dangerous soup I
  • Bullion – an extremely dangerous soup II
  • Roman Polanski – a famous director and creator of a soup course

On October 2nd, I went with a friend of mine Aga for the premiere of the newest movie by Roman Polanski “D’apr├Ęs une Histoire Vraie” (“Based on a True Story”). I will not tell you the whole story but soups play crucial roles in the movie (apart from outstanding Eva Green and┬áEmmanuelle Seigner).┬á There is always something scary happening after one of main characters eat a soup.

Our Dear Roman Polanski destroyed my love for soups. I would survive without la┬áBouillabaisse (fish soup) – I enjoy eating fish but the view of cooked parts of fish mixed here and there was never appealing to me. But our Polish/French director destroyed also an image of bouillon (Polish rosol) and I could not forgive it. Of course, he washed his sins by introducing a Polish accent to the movie (vodka Wyborowa) and creating a great movie so I decided to face my fear and eat some soup…


Didaskalia: Action takes place on October 8th, 2017 in the apartment of one of protagonists called Marcelina A.


  • Marcelina A.┬á – a famous scientist and a talented hostess
  • Eryk S. – my life comrade tolerating craziness of his wife, a talented scientist who has no time to be famous because of the craziness of his wife
  • Kasia S. – myself, now too dynamic and then toothless and in pain
  • Pumpkin cream soup – an insidious and almost lethal soup III

An opportunity to face my soup-phobia appeared not even one week after the soup curse. We were invited by our friend Marcelina to her new flat. As a starter, she served us pumpkin cream soup. At first, I was afraid but…. what the heck! Nobody, even an Oscar winner will tell me what I should eat. Our moods were great. We finished the soup, nobody choked, Poland was winning 2:0 against Montenegro.

“The curse was gone” – that is what I thought… I noticed a funny picture of almost toothless Theresa May drinking a Polish beer on our common friend’s wall (yes Mr. Sequoia, you are also a part of our spooky story!). Led by a treacherous energy shot caused by an insidious soup, I started going towards Marcelina…

What happened then was the consequence of a deadly soup. I did not see the doorstep, fell directly on my smiling face. A phone call, a quick trip by car to the University Hospital of Zurich, a head tomography, an x-ray of my wrist, knee, fingers and spine, a loss of significant parts of my 3 front teeth and a sick-leave for 3 days because of head injury are the harvests of┬áthe lethal pumpkin soup…

Dear blog followers. Please do not be in a rush, do not run at home or when it is slippery and please…. be mistrustful when eating any soup…

P.S. This post is dedicated to the following people:

Roman Polanski – even if he cursed all soups, I hope he will one day talk to us during a new Zurich Film Festival and will allow us to talk to him per Romek ­čśë

AgnieszKa┬á– for her encouragement to visit cultural events and to taste wine culturally

Marcelina A. – for being a great hostess saving me with frozen pumpkins and giving me some cake for the road

Przemyslaw A. alias Mr. Sequoia – for giving me a lesson that nothing on facebook is more interesting and exciting then your own real life

Eryk S. – for saving me many times in my life and for his patience in being my Husband

Sylvie C. – for keeping the secret from our Mom till we knew that the curse did not kill me and for being the best Sis

For all soup maniacs, family and friends who support me during my soup injury…

zupadyniaThe main protagonist and cause of all drama – THE soup.