Why are Swiss car parks so small? Why?!

Remember we travelled to USA this year. Big outlets, big natural parks, big beaches, big everything. Also cars and car parks.

In Switzerland – different story. Wherever you go, whatever you do – car parks are too small for you 😉

Our Tiefgarage in Dübi is already testing your manoevring skills. But what I saw this morning when visiting a Tiefgarage for near my work place – I think even Clio drivers or Smart owners would have issues to park there. I accepted this challenge and tried to park our Volvo V40 there. It resulted with a smashed lamp of the right mirror and almost a heart attack of my husband… 😉

So, I am looking for:

– a new husband who tolerates scratches on brand new cars 😉

– an indoor car park near CS Towers in Oerlikon.

Anybody anything? Ah and please the husband needs to be super patient with my craziness. The car park has to be big enough so I don’t scratch any mirror of ours…