Nobel prize in geometry

SPOILER ALERT: This post is not for people who like cars…

I already complained a few times that Swiss car parks are not big enough. Although taking into consideration my parking skills (or lack of them), none of car parks would be large enough for me.

Every 2-3 months, I get back home with a new parking souvenir on our car. Eryk got used to it. It’s always the same story: he tells me, I am not very talented in driving, I start crying that I am, I go to work by car to prove him wrong and then I get back with a new scratch…

But today, I showed the very best of my talents. I spent my lunch break on going back and forth for 40 minutes on my parking space trying to oscillate between an orange wall and another car. In the end, I celebrated my almost successful parking by scratching our handle on the left door three times.

How did I not destroy the mirror, but succeeded in scratching the door handle only? Eryk claims, it is almost impossible to accomplish. He wants to see what angle I used to do it and proposes my achievement as a nomination for Noble prize in geometry… 😉 Even though there is no Nobel prize in mathematics… I fully deserve it.


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