About a girl who still loves football


Can you recognize me in 1993? 🙂

It was 1993. I was 10 and was always wearing jeans and baseball caps. I spent hours watching and playing football and going to arcade games venues full of classics like Street Fighter, Space Invaders or Contra.

One day my Dad was sitting in the video gaming room with me but talking to another guy who was there with his son. I just ran out of coins and approached my father asking for more money so I could buy new coins. Here is how the conversation went:

Kasia: Daddy, can I have more coins? I need to finish this game!

My father: Yes sure, here you are.

A guy talking to my Dad: What a nice child you have – plays football, likes arcade games. But why is your SON wearing long hair??

Yes yes. Until I was 15 and started being friends with my sister, who showed me how to do my make up and how to party, my world was only limited to sports (especially football of course) and spending my pocket money on arcade gaming.

20 years later…. I still love watching football and I like playing video games. I talk to my friends about sports and computers. But..I also love shopping (especially for clothes and shoes 😉 ) and I often call my Mom to ask her advice about cooking recipes 😉

Any nice souvenirs from your childhood which are still relevant now when you are little bit older?



One thought on “About a girl who still loves football

  1. Little sis… You’ve always been adorable! Cute, sweet and lovely! And yout love for sport and games only boosts your uniqueness 🤗


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