Djoko and my love for sports and video games

2 years after my sister was born, my parents tried to have another child. They tried and tried for 3 years and then big efforts paid well as my mom was pregnant. They didn’t care about sex of the child but everybody thought it would be a boy, Kajtek.

Kajtek turned out to be Kasia 🙂 But maybe that’s why from the beginning I loved watching sports and playing video games. I had many friends who were boys but first they treated me as their mate, not a girlfruend material. Later I ended up well, I even got married. To a guy who doesn’t like sports or video games so much but still… He tries to catch up, especially during big sport events. Or giving ironic comments when I’m loosing in Fifa online 0:3 to a 10-year old 🙂

Yesterday my favorite tennis player won his first Slam in Roland Garros and made history as the 10th player who got all 4 Slams. Djoko, I’m very happy for you. I was so happy when I saw the final result, that my husband asked if I put a bet on him and won lots of money or if Djokovic is my friend who is reading this blog. Not yet but Djoko, if you see this post, please follow my blong. I will also write to you as, if you don’t ask, you don’t get, a very wise sentence that my friend Reinoud taught me 🙂

In 4 days Euro 2016 in my previous home country France. Counting days down to watch and support… Everybody as every time I support a team, it’s loosing – I’m a death angel of all teams I like.

Countimg days to other sport events, r.g Olympics in Brazil, home country of my bro in law. What a nice sport year we have.

What did I do after coming back from our trip to Ticino? Of course played on ps4 – new Uncharted 4 (brilliant!) and Fifa online – this time it was 1:1. Hey Dear Hubby, I’m making progress! 😉



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