Gottardo and Italian flavour of Switzerland

This weekend was one of these, when you are so exhausted that you just wanna stay in bed, especially with rainy weather of Dübi and coming back home at midnight after a delicious dinner sponsored by my company. I will tak about this and other food experience in a different post.

A friend of mine (also Kasia, they are so friendly 🙂 ), invited us to her house near Locarno. Initially we were supposed to come Friday evening, then Saturday early morning… Finally we came at 1600. The other Kasia thought we wouldn’t make but she just doesn’t know well our style of visiting which can very from relaxing-organized to very lazy. Apparently her style is very organized like my sister’s.

Well, finally we arrived to Pollaggio. We saw celebration of the opening of Gottardo tunnel – 57km lenght through which you can travel from German to Italian part in 20 mins. Of course you can also travel the other way around 😉 Polish media said the cost was as planned, which in reality means it was doubled 🙂 My friend Ewa K. (soon S. 🙂 ) gave me a brilliant idea – every time I spend more money then planned on shopping, I would say I just planned with Swiss precision 🙂 Some photos from Gottardo:

After this intense day and finally joining Kasia and Jon at 2030 in a nice Italian restaurant as well as going up to their lovely house 2.5 km with too much luggage, a new day has come… We planned a very lazy, relaxing visit of Locarno after a tasty breakfast. After running another 2.5 km to the bus stop, we were rewarded by amazing views. Then we travelled to Locarno, were we met women who we didn’t know before – Irena and Barbara. They were so noce that they invited us for ice creams and ice coffee. We will definitely stay in touch as we had lots of laughs and fun. Now we’re in train to Zurich HB, will be at home at around 1900. A few photos from Locarno:

Saluti and see you next time. We hope you, dear followers, also had a nice weekend 🙂


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