Beer belly

I wanted to work for 30 minutes before catching the train, but as I experienced the maintenance of our website, I am writing a quick, FUNNY post for blong.

Any advice on belly exercises??!! I am following some during fitness but I don’t think that it helps.

Why? Third time, THIRD time in a month a woman asked me if I was pregnant.It was our cleaning lady from the bank. I was downstairs texting a friend, she was passing by and with a big smile asked “Bist du schwanger?” When she saw my big eyes, the next 10 minutes she was apologizing.

Second time, it was when my neighbour saw me in my sporty clothes. She said I am all healthy and sporty and if I’m pregnant. But as I don’t want any any dead rats at my door steps, I will just say it is all fine and I took it with a smile.

First time, it was a guy who gave me his seat in the train. As he was insisting, I took it… What the heck, I don’t any kid, so at least I will sit when I’m tired and…. fatty? 🙂

So I am asking again, does anybody know very good belly exercises, I am trying everything, I am not weighting a lot… But all my weight is in my belly…

I could not find a scene from “Ice Age” where Sid, the ground sloth, is congratulating one of animals on being pregnant and she shouts loudly “I AM NOT PREGNANT”. That would be my reaction if they ask me forth time… But for now, some of my newest plush toys, including Scrat from “Ice Age”. I need to find a Sid too… And the newest movie is coming soon, we will definitely watch it 🙂


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